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Jaska 7

Jaska 7 (our May event) was in-game hell for my character. I stayed there for a short time, and the first news I got when I appeared in-game was that the maid of honor from my wedding (in-game, of course) was killed. I got manipulated (knowingly, that's the best part) in the cold rage, and took my revenge by taking out the murderer in the middle of the city. During the extremely delicate negotiations that were just taking part. And, of course, the city was plunged into chaos. The count was absent (due to his RL studies in England), and as his friend I got in a really tense situation due to the betrayal of his deputy (who's turned to the evil arts of necromancy) and the fact that city was populated mostly by new players and characters who quickly started taking matters in their own hands. I felt old :) That night, organizers dropped the A-bomb. Or, to be precise, a huge red dragon who landed into the city and proclaimed his rulership. And people did not get rid of him, as they

Back after a summer break!

OK, it was a large break. Over 4 months since my last post. But a lot of it has changed during this summer - and it was Croatian LARP at its highest point so far. I'll be slowly reviewing all the major events I've been to. And there have been many. Stay tuned :) Oh, and this blog got a redesign. Hope you like it.