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Star Wars larp 4 review

The fourth Star Wars larp by Ivo Turk and Matija Mihoković felt fresh. The reason for it was the entire setting reset thing. While the first three larps were played in the post-episode 6 timeline, this one was played in pre-episode 4. The characters were new, as was the in-game location. I played a character from Alderaan called Wones Ann. Unlike my previous Star Wars characters - which were basically social - this one was armed to the teeth, sporting my new NERF gun (which are used to represent blasters in this larp). The character was mostly pre-generated, with me submitting only a few basics such as character type and faction. This is one of the few larps offering full pre-generated characters, and (apart from the occasional hard to remember name) I found that this option works well enough. It was also interesting to note that other characters I was immediately connected with were also made in the same fashion. Character relationships - as described on the character sheet - were l

Guest appearance on LARPBook podcast

Last evening I made a guest appearance on LARPBook podcast. We talked a little about larp in Croatia and elsewhere, talked about several Croatian larps, projects such as PoRtaL and touched on a question which is asked in both Croatia and UK - is it a larp or LRP? However, these terms are used very differently in those countries. To find out more, here's a link to the podcast . Enjoy :)

Cug review (Steampunk larp)

Cug is a Croatian spelling of the German word Zug, which means train. In several Croatian dialects, it is still commonly used to refer to trains, rather than the Croatian word for train, vlak. Cug is also a name of the train-themed cafe bar near Zagreb's main railroad station, where the new installment of Steampunk larp "Para pokreće svijet" was held. The name of the event was also Cug, and - unsurprisingly - the location represented a train in-character. A super-fast Steampunk train running a zig-zag north-south route through the fictional version of 1902's Austria-Hungary. The event - held 10 days ago - was structured around certain train stops, which provided embarkation / disembarkation points for various player characters and NPCs. The train would remain at the railroad station for a while (giving characters the opportunity to exit the train) and then it continued along the way. Since the larp was held on Sunday - a bit odd time for larps - that actuall