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Terra Nova intro review

The event (last Saturday) was a great success, with most players very happy about how it turned out. Despite some modernity of the background location, it did feature some of the best roleplaying Croatian LARP has seen so far. And I'm not just saying it because I was the organizer - I'm repeating what other people told me. And the situations got more complex and complex - from the missing spyglass all the way to some very dark hints... New rule system was pioneered, as well as the new world and characters. It made the play very lively and fresh, and some situations were very memorable. You can see all the photos here . Thanks to everyone who joined us that evening, and I hope more will come for the main event.

Sunčev Potočić, Steampunk LARP, Krvomeđe and other news

I realize it's been a while since I posted here. Sorry about that, there's actually a lot of stuff that has been going on - it's me who's been quite busy lately (and right now I'm in the middle of home redecoration week). I've attended February's Krvomeđe and Sunčev Potočić feast. Krvomeđe was a bit under-visited, and Sunčev Potočić was certainly interesting. High-security personnel (in-character) made this LARP... a bit different than most of us are used to. Some tensions were high, I'm sure things will get a bit more relaxed next time around. Sleeping was great, location was great and we filmed a promo video for Green Banner: Zombie LARP happened at the same time as Sunčev Potočić - and the postponed Sven's Steampunk LARP happened as well the weekend after (which would put it on last weekend). And this Saturday I'm running a Terra Nova intro - and Krvomeđe is the day after. If I were looking for the right words to