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Archery technique by Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen is a Danish archer who had undertaken a journey of reviving medieval archery battle techniques. He is also a larper - in fact, that's where he started using bow and arrows, and that's where he was able to get some practice with soft arrows against moving targets. At a fantasy larp. So watch the above video about Lars, narrated by the Danish larper Claus Raasted. It had gone viral in only a few hours. Below you can find his video from 2012: Don't these videos make you want to take archery yourself? :) Discuss in comments. In the meanwhile, here's a few quotes from Lars: ”I recently read about a girl who did Katniss Everdeen (from Hunger Games) cosplay. She'd had to glue the arrows to the inside of the quiver to make sure they didn't bounce out when she ran around. If that doesn't tell us that the back quiver is silly, I don't know what does.” ”Many people have accused me of being fake or have theories on how there's cheatin

Nordic larp yearbook 2014

The books for the Nordic larp conference Knudepunkt are usually available around the time of conference. However, this year a new book seems to join the (extensive) collection - The Nordic larp yearbook 2014. Several years ago, the Nordic Larp book was released - a historical anthology of the most significant larps produced in over a decade and a half (nowadays it's available as free digital download). The Nordic larp yearbook 2014  (link will take you to PDF download) is a similar project, sort of a continuation of the idea, but within a smaller scope - only one year. However, it has expanded geographically: there are 18 larps represented there, from nine countries total. All of it is written on over 150 pages (though a large part of it is photos... gorgeous photos). Yes, it has the Harry Potter larp College of Wizardry in it. Did you even have to ask? It covers a lot of other stuff too. Legends. Myths. Horror. Politics. Economics. Zombies. Gender roles. Societies and

Announcements: PoRtaL 2015 and Steampunk

The PoRtaL larp convention for 2015. has been announced! For those of you that don't know, it's a regional larp conference and it returns to Zagreb this year. It will take place on February 28th - March 1st this year. Entrance is free. By larpers, for larpers. Content will be provided by the participants. For more info, check out the website or facebook . In another news: Steampunk larp "Para pokreće svijet" returns! The only event in 2014 was "Chase", a spin-off event for a rather few people. A new location has been found (that is not a climbing gym). The event will be called Cug (from German Zug, meaning train) and it will represent a train journey.