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Sunčev Potočić feast announced

Eko selo Žumberak aka Sunčev Potočić This year's first overnight LARP has just been announced past weekend. It will be the second Sunčev Potočić feast so far - first was held in November 2010, and you can find the full photo gallery here . It will be held on March 3rd and 4th in Eko selo Žumberak , and it will use Ognjeni Mač ruleset (previous one used standard Amtgard). In the wake of that announcement, Krvomeđe was moved two weeks later, from March 4th to March 18th, which will put it a day after Terra Nova intro feast , which is OK since Terra Nova will be a shorter, single day event (and in a different game setting). First Sunčev Potočić was a really nice feast, despite the fact there was some confusion on it. I had great fun on it, and for some players it was their first LARP event - it was also internationally significant, as we had some guests from Austria. It was also rather expensive, but this year it will be significantly cheaper since both Petra (who's

Steampunk LARP - Sven Nemet interview

On February 18th and 19th, Sven Nemet is running a Steampunk LARP by the name of "Steam makes the world go round", in Eko Selo Žumberak . Front page of the rulebook As it's going to be the first standalone Steampunk LARP in Croatia, I conducted an interview with the game organizer, Sven Nemet, translated here into English for our readers. You can find the event on Facebook here , and its discussion group here . Anyway, here it goes: Crolarper : For those who might not know the exact meaning of the term steampunk, what exactly does it mean? Sven : It's a subgenre of SF, Fantasy and it's often connected to alternate history. It's tied to the period of the industrial revolution. To get acquainted with steampunk, I recommend Jules Verne and Philip Pullman books, The Prestige and Hugo movies, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen comics, and Steamboy cartoon. Crolarper : Where did you get the idea for a steampunk LARP? Sven : I love steampunk. And

Terra Nova announcement

It's not always easy to put a project into words. Especially since it's something that's not been done around these parts, and earlier attempts to make something similar have been met with some resistance, and have not been done so far. Basically, Terra Nova is a new LARP which I'm starting this year. It will start with a feast-style introductory event (at my home) and continue at the main camping event in June (which should be scheduled soon). There's plenty of new stuff (at least for our players) it will include, and I've listed only some of those here: It will be the first modern euro-style fantasy LARP ran in Croatia. It will not be based on Amtgard ruleset, instead it will be based under ConQuest ruleset (used under permission, currently under translation). Different fighting style than usual Amtgard-based Croatian LARPs: less sporty, more RP elements included. Single life, and death is final. Increased realism and RP elements in all aspects

The schedule for early 2012.

We're back after a holiday break. And the first LARP of the year has already happened. It was Krvomeđe on Jan 15th. Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend, but looks like they had a good time. Here's a fresh pic. For the first time, well, ever, schedule for future Maksimir and Krvomeđe events was released well in advance, up to end of May. Maksimir is currently scheduled as following: February 18th March 10th March 24th April 14th May 5th Krvomeđe is scheduled for: February 12th March 4th March 18th (changed due to Sunčev Potočić announcement) April 1st April 29th May 20th If any overlap with a large event happens, they will be moved. And it might be that Krvomeđe has some moving to do, as March 4th date might overlap slightly with Sunčev Potočić feast, which is unofficially scheduled for March 3rd (though it's still perfectly manageable to go straight from one event to the other) (edit: moved to March 18th) , and May 20 might overla