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Lubena 2011

I am a bit late with my review, but I wouldn't do it justice if I didn't review this year's Lubena, last of this year's large events which happened in late August this year. It's both the second largest event that happened in 2011. (after Jaska 8), and the one which was organized on the smallest terrain. Three camps were formed which were rather close by, but mostly it didn't matter much because of the dense foliage on the terrain... Mostly. It didn't offer the barbarian camp enough protection from one very pissed off mage because they were in his range when he woke up, but that's a long story... The terrain on Lubena - or Majčin Gaj as it's called in-game - isn't really suited to monsters. Which is OK, because there weren't any. Instead, players had strange things happening to them... Like everybody waking up and finding a bone in one of their arms turned to jelly, with healing spells offering just a temporary solution before it happened

Who's who?

Hello everyone! I'd like to present two newest projects about Croatian LARP on First of all, there's "Who's who in Croatian LARP" portal. Available on address  it's sort of a yellow pages of active groups in Croatian LARP. There you can find group descriptions, contact info, playstyles, event info, locations, photo gallery... There's info about mainstream groups there, about other LARP-related groups, and about inactive groups. To top it up, there's also a crolarper forum/mailing list that you can access here  if you prefer the forum view or you can subscribe via e-mail on - join it, and help us build the link between you guys from abroad and us Croatian LARPers :) You've probably noticed the new CroLARPer logo too. It's in this post, and it's on who's who portal - it will be on blog itself as soon as Blogger allows using the custom header on Dyn

Overview of the last weekend - Maksimir 51 and Krvomeđe

Double event! Last Saturday was Maksimir 51, and the day after was Krvomeđe. Maksimir 51 was a standard park quest. Or to be honest, it was a bit light on action compared to what's usually there. There were two reasons for it. First, the organizers went light on us after intensive sleep deprivation awesomeness that was Jaska 9 . Second, the day after was Krvomeđe. So they didn't want to drain our strength. Anyway, we filled holes in the action with some nice roleplay. Trying my new headgear on Maksimir 51 - a black turban After a few troubles caused by politics (and hunting a dire bear), we were disturbed by some gnomes... halflings... or whatever they were. They started charming people around with their screechy voices, making them dance and stuff. It annoyed plenty of people, so it ended up in a fight. Players will try to rescue a monastery infested by those creatures in a future installment... Most likely Maksimir 52. You can find event photos here , these are mo

Websites, websites

It might be old news for some, but I waited until all changes were made to make an announcement here :) Anyways, Ognjeni Mač website has a new address due to CARNet (who control the .hr domain) changing their regulations about who can get which domain (and at which price) - anyway, new address is , along with Croatia's most popular LARP forum - Also, Krvomeđe / Rajski Vrhovi got a new website. Designed by me, and I've granted it a subdomain - it has an active calendar, galleries, and of course a forum. Or to be more exact, a Google Group. For those of you who never used them, Google Groups can function either as a mailing list or a forum (or both even!), depending on how you decide to view it. This gives it usefulness for both high and low traffic situations. Both sites are in Croatian, you say? No problem. Both sites feature the Google Translate button in the lower right corner which

A neverending season?

Apparently, the LARP season is not over for this year - and we all thought it was. There will be two medium-sized overnight LARPs until the end of the year - one in Osijek, which should be last weekend of November, and the feast on Rajski Vrhovi which will be on December 10th. Small events are also running smooth - this weekend will be another double event. Maksimir 51 on Saturday, and Krvomeđe on Sunday. Next Maksimir events are scheduled for Nov 26th and Dec 17th, and next Krvomeđe will be either on December 4th or 18th - thus we might have a pre-Christmas double weekend too. Video from Jaska 9. We had a great time there. This is actually surprizing - and I'll say a good trend. So far there's been a large drop in activity every year from November (or even mid-October) to late February. We've all been having our winter's sleep during all the previous years, with LARPs happening every now and then - I wrote about that previously here . It remains to be seen