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Local news: Sljeme 3 canceled - Maksimir 71 instead; Fallout 4; Sine Requie canceled; Izgon pen & paper RPG

The "Sljeme 3" larp by Ognjeni Mač - which was supposed to be organized this Saturday - had been canceled - instead, the larp will be adapted to their regular terrain in Maksimir park (around 5th lake) and it will be organized there instead, as "Maksimir 71". It will serve as an introduction to the upcoming "Jaska 12" larp scheduled two weeks after. Ognjeni Mač has been testing its new rules recently - they had 2 tests on Maksimir already (I was on one of them) and their last test was a larger one this weekend in Letovanić (I wasn't present as I was on Demgard ). However, Maksimir 71 (as well as Jaska 12) will be run using the old 2.1 ruleset, not the new one. There will be an interesting twist on Maksimir 71 compared to regular events: all players will play NPCs. At the same time as Maksimir 71, there will also be a fourth event of the (freshly rebranded) Fallout Larp/Airsoft. Sine Requie, which was due next week, has unfortunately been c

Chronicles of Demgard 2013/2 - The Sternn Pass Incident review

Garrison soldiers protecting the Uspenland border - characters from left to right: cpl. Aleksei Hea, pvt. Sašenka Marejeva, pvt. Svarin Todora and Mirna Dobrev, healer. Not pictured: sgt. Vanja Nikolajević (played by me), and Melda Eleniel, healer. Chronicles of Demgard 2013/2 - The Sternn Pass Incident was the eleventh larp in the Chronicles of Demgard series in Tatabánya, Hungary. Same as last year, two Demgard larps were organized in this year - the first one being in summer being completely Hungarian, the second one being an international event with all game documents in English and English serving as a common language. Last year two of us arrived from Croatia - this time there was eight of us, arriving in two cars. We were not only foreigners there - there was a guy from Bulgaria who was also present. And there were more people on this larp than last year - 62 in total. The terrain was expanded from the last year. A new route to the off-game camp was cleared, and so did

Vampire aftermath, Rise of Rashalan, new rules by Ognjeni Mač, Demgard and Izgon 2 art

The first larp of the Camarilla Agram series that I ran and wrote about in the previous article sparked a lot of discussion - and a lot of interest. Overall I'd call it a success, even more than when I wrote the previous article a couple of days ago. We already  announced  the next event for October 26th, this one will feature Ivan Erpačić as the main storyteller. In the meanwhile, there's a RP group  that started on Facebook. The next thing going on is... today! We're having a meeting for the upcoming Terra Nova: Rise of Rashalan (which will happen on Oct 20th) in the Zlatni Medo beerhouse, from 8 PM onwards. If you're interested, come talk to us. For those of you following the news about Croatian larp recently, you've probably noticed the new rules by Ognjeni Mač - which are quite changed from what was run before, which sparked quite the controversy on their forum and on Facebook. There was a short playtest event last week in Maksimir, there will

Camarilla Agram Intro: Embrace the Night, chapter 1

Less than two months since I announced it , it became a reality - Vampire larp restarted in Croatia, in its' traditional Masquerade setting. The larp in Zagreb is somewhat different from how most Vampire larps start - almost none of us had any prior experience with Vampire larp, however a lot of people had experience with other types of larp. I was one of the four organizers who made this larp possible, and the main organizer for this event - a title that will rotate between the events. Two Ventrue vampires The playerbase was mostly existing larpers, but we also drew in some tabletop Vampire players as well as few people with no larp experience whatsoever. Very high attention was put into clothing, makeup and plenty of small details such as the tooth workshop the week before and the make-up lady (who also snapped most of these photos). Two clans were featured in the first larp: the business-savvy Ventrue and the free-spirited Brujah. A group of Brujah The groups w

Rocks, moon and teeth

Hello, climbing The Steampunk event from "Para pokreće svijet" series this Saturday was something special. Unlike previous ones it was not held in its usual location at Eko selo Žumberak - instead it was held at the indoor climbing facility SPK Fothia west in Zagreb. It was divided into two parts. The expedition getting ready First part lasted for 2 hours and it simulated an expedition into the heart of Africa: entering illegally into Congo and raiding a cave that belonged to an ancient ruler for treasures. In how the story was created, it succeeded in being both a wonderful "Indiana Jones"-esque story with a heavy pulp feel, and a social commentary of colonial practices of the era. Climbers on the wall going horizontally from one edge side to the other Of course, the challenges at the climbing facility represented rock faces and cave walls that needed to be scaled in-character. For most of us it was a new experience - and we eagerly went on and d