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Zombie LARP

Beware, zombies are coming! At least to Croatian LARP scene. A zombie LARP will be played during SRP's mini gaming convention MoZaKon, on March 3rd from 19:00 until 22:00-23:00. The date is unfortunate, as it clashes with Sunčev Potočić (I'll be on Sunčev Potočić personally).

The story is interesting, however. This LARP will be set in 2015., after zombie apocalypse already happened - and humans won and through the use of vaccine suppressed the zombie virus and basically enslaved the zombie population - there is also the underground zombie resistance which fights against the vaccine production and distribution, and there are some humans fighting for zombie rights too...

GMs will be Ana Rajner, Božo Špoljarić, Marko Zadro and Andrej Štefan. There will also be a workshop earlier in the day where people will be able to get their zombie makeup. Attendees are recommended to bring clothes which they would not be sorry to see destroyed.

You can find the Facebook event here.

Zombie pho…

More news

I have announced Terra Nova 2012 location, dates and prices. Terra Nova 2012 will be held from June 1st until June 3rd in Zajezda, Croatia - more specifically, scout camp "Javorje". Prices will be 30 kn (€4) for NPCs, 60 kn (€8) for PCs for all three days. Toilets and showers will be available on site. The introductory storyline will be posted soon on Terra Nova website, and part of it will be played on intro feast on March 17th. I've completed translating the rules (it will use ConQuest of Mythodea rules) to Croatian last week, so that makes it second translated LARP ruleset in Croatian ever (after Amtgard).

Sven's Steampunk LARP has unfortunately been postponed until further notice, so it will not be held next weekend. Maksimir is still being held next weekend, and Sunčev Potočić at the same location 2 weeks later has not been affected and will be held normally.

Yesterday's Krvomeđe has also been postponed for two weeks due to heavy snow. The weather is set to…

A few short updates

I've finally managed to finish the video of Slovenian LARP weapon workshop in Medvode from our weekend trip to Slovenia. There you go:

Also, I updated the front page of Who's who portal. It now features a map of every Croatian LARP from the past year, as well as those announced for this year. Enjoy :)

Sunčev Potočić introduction

The Year of Suffering is over...

Rulers and states were toppled, and new ones grew overnight just to disappear equally fast into the dust of the past... Night has swallowed famous heroes from which a lot was once expected, and their places have been taken by new faces who forged their destinies amidst chaos and insecurity, as heroes of today... But how long will it last?

Insecurity in Eastern Anarchy, a danger lurking even when they thought themselves the safest... Bergamot and Erlindol gone into flames, their lands added to the Dragon Court, only for its Count to later denounce them and curse them... Paradise Peaks were shaken by the theft of the Crystal, and rage of nature found them in the form of a great draught. The Shield having a greater role in everyone's life each day, and since not that long ago they're Dragon's tax collectors... And from the east, Knights of Green Banner are coming and forming a stronghold in Sun's Glen, which then comes under the direct prote…

Croatian LARPs and languages used

Croatian LARP has been quite international for the last year. We had very few major LARPs without at least one visitor from another country.

Of course, there was never any problem with our visitors from Serbia, as Serbian is almost the same language (linguistically, if not politically).

It was Martin who was our first regular player from another country. He doesn't speak Croatian well, but he understands some as he also speaks Czech and Slovenian. With him around, the players fell into a complex, yet very interesting and rewarding pattern - despite the fact that all our players speak English, some chose not to do so in-character. In-game communication was still possible between them to a degree, and players basically built those communication diffilculties in-character on purpose to enrich character interaction in a non-standard way and make our story more interesting.

However, that approach didn't work once we got visited by Sarah last October, who didn't speak Croatian …

Report from Slovenia

If you haven't read it before, check my previous post for the background of our trip to Slovenia. Anyways, we did have some bad weather - it was quite cold and it started snowing on Friday. Add to it the usual rush, and we were somewhat late, as the trip took us over two hours. There were four of us, besides myself there were Andrija (Ognjeni Mač's vice-president), Andrej (one of the OM's game organizers this year), and Petar (Timor - one of our most long-time players in OM, second only to me). I didn't take my Sony Alpha, I took all the photos and videos on my cellphone (Samsung Omnia 7), so I apologize for their lack of quality.

We met at the coffee shop of the Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana. It was quick and rather frantic, as we had plenty of information and experiences to share, there were plenty of people to get to know, and we were also curious about their ideas, plans and experiences so far. We didn't have much time as we were late and some people had to …

A trip to Slovenia

Dear readers, in about an hour from now I'll be on a trip to Slovenia. And, of course, it's LARP related.

There's a Tolkien fan society in Ljubljana called Gil-Galad, of which I've been aware of since the last year. They already organized some meetings which had several LARP elements, and this year one of their members, Rebeka, started a LARP Slovenia project with several other people who were interested.

Their first meeting is today, and I figured it's a great place to be. Several of my friends from Ognjeni Mač agreed, and decided to joined me which is really great since all of us going have plenty of experience to share.

The Slovenian border is just 20 minutes away from Zagreb by car, and Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is 140 km away from Zagreb. Which makes it close, and rather convenient to visit - and vice versa. And I believe we can both expect Slovenian visitors on our LARPs in the future, as well as interesting LARPs in our neighborhood that we can vi…

SRP and Steampunk LARP - apology and correction

This post is a correction for the previously published Steampunk LARP - Sven Nemet interview.
In it, I wrote that it will be the first Steampunk LARP in Croatia, which is not entirely true as I was reminded. It will be the first standalone Steampunk LARP in Croatia, and the original article was changed to reflect this.
The first actual Steampunk LARP in Croatia was organized last year at Parni Zakon convention by SRP, on Saturday May 28th 2011, as part of the convention program. Reactions to it were quite positive. The original schedule of Parni Zakon 2011 is visible here (in Croatian).

To my knowledge, the rules and the game mechanics of the upcoming Sven's Steampunk LARP have nothing to do with SRP's Steampunk LARP, apart from the Steampunk theme.
If anyone got offended by my negligence to mention SRP's Steampunk LARP, I apologize for that, the error was mine alone.
Next gaming convention by SRP will be a just-announced zombie-themed MoZaKon on March 1st-4th, overlappin…