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Playing between the larps

Badass larpers of 2002 In almost all campaign larps, the idea of players continuing to play outside regular events has come up at some point. The first time I experienced it was 14 years ago, in the simplest model of them all, quite beautiful in its simplicity: a group of players recruiting new players to help them beat up the other group of characters. The particular larp in question has been played only once a year, so establishing something more complex was hardly productive. But a few years later, as we got the first full story campaign that had over a dozen small events a year (Ognjeni Mač events in late 2000s), the idea of continuing play beyond the larp events appeared. Since a lot of people there including myself had experience with old play by e-mail roleplaying games, we set up a similar "tavern play" play by post system, which allowed online RP in a very limited way since there was little that was allowed to happen except small talk and a few harmless acti

Izgon 1.1

Some larps can really affect their participants. Or people running them. In my personal experience, I was most affected by the Izgon larps which I ran (Izgon is the Croatian word for Exile). Without failure, all three of them so far have brought certain changes. Some friendships grew closer, others went apart. There was a lot of stress, and a lot of happy moments. A ton of bleed-in and bleed-out, to the effect that the larp became a way of life for a few of its' participants. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but then again, I've been thinking how to write this article for the past 3 months since Izgon 1.1 ended. This review is way past its' time, as the experiences of Izgon 1.1 happened a few months ago, and have already been "digested" by a lot of players, and there have been other reviews for months already - such as this one on the Fair Escape blog . Let's start at the beginning. Izgon 1.1 was a third larp in the series of urban fantasy pervasive