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Vampire Night Chronicles - how the larp got started

Vampire Night Chronicles - also known as Vampiri - noćne kronike in Croatian is a new Vampire larp organized in Zagreb, Croatia. Unlike most larps which have been designed with the top-down approach, this one has been designed from the bottoms up. A group of players basically agreed and voted on several key design elements, and I was asked to be a part of the organizer/storyteller team. I said yes. And truth be told, at first I was more than a little cautious about it due to some of my previous bad experiences. But now I'm very very glad that I said yes. Left to right: Anarch Baron, Camarilla Princess, Sabbat Ducta, and a Keeper of Elysium First of all, some design elements we agreed upon: it will be a setting in which it will be possible to play characters from (almost) all the vampire factions of the classic World of Darkness setting, including regular interaction of Camarilla, Anarch and Sabbat. Organizers are a committee and we'd do our best to give every