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Ongoing Izgon 2. Missed reviews.

As this blog has gone a bit silent, you might have been wondering what's been going on recently. Well, to be honest a lot of that. There's been so much going on that I barely have enough time to write a post. That's mostly due to running Izgon 2, and there's a lot involved in running it. It has four times the number of people of first Izgon larp (minus a few who burned out and/or whose characters got killed) - and it left me with too little time to even talk to everyone I want to talk to. The only reason I'm writing this article now is that it's gotten a bit slower so I managed to catch some breath. The debriefing, the documentation, the analysis of everything - it's gonna be great. Expect it to start popping up in a few days. The larp officially finishes Sunday at noon - the next Krvomeđe will be almost immediately after, at 1 PM - and the Zagreb debriefing will be held afterwards. However, depending on player actions, it might end sooner for some or al

Krvomeđe - and getting ready for Steampunk and Izgon 2...

This Sunday's Krvomeđe fighting day was a bit desolate - only three of us came, which is sadly not enough for battlegames and not nearly the numbers Krvomeđe can make (it can swing up to 20 people at times). So I'm gonna make a public call to everyone in Zagreb (and Croatia in general) who'd like to do some fighting practice - come next time, join the mailing list to be informed when the next game's gonna be and ask any questions you might have. A lot of Croatian larpers could use some fighting training - this is a perfect opportunity. Now that's out of the way - this Saturday there's gonna be another Steampunk larp from the "Para pokreće svijet" series. Due to location issues, it will be once again in the "SPK Fothia" interior climbing gym - however, it will be a social event, not the one focused on climbing. This event will be titled "Fronti nulla fides", and it will be played late at night - from 10 PM to 3 AM. Like a