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Orahovačke kronike review

Ognjeni Mač association's last two years were turbulent. They stopped their old campaign, and ran two larps (plus several test and battle scenarios) with the new setting and system last year: Put istine and Maska sumraka . I had fun on both, but despite that there were some issues which ultimately resulted in the system and the campaign getting canned. After one year of nothing much going on with Ognjeni Mač, this April 1st we got treated to the announcement for Orahovačke kronike. A medieval larp which was supposed to be a simulationist/immersionist soap opera, instead of a fantasy combat larp. Minimalist rules (available here in Croatian, but they're largely the "improvise everything" type), unthinkable years ago but nowadays common on a lot of Croatian larp, rounded up the announcement and made us all go " seriously guys, this is one of the best April Fools Day jokes ever ". But it turned out to actually be real. Play site: Eko selo Žumberak. No fl

Star Wars larp 2.2 review

I played Les Maren, a Corellian Security Force officer photo by Ivo Turk The fifth larp in the Croatian Star Wars series was labeled Star Wars 2.2 - noting second season, second event. This storyline started in February , but this was a very different event (despite the same location and some of the same characters). Like last larp, the story of this event was set in the early Rebellion era. The in-character location was the Imperial military academy on the planet Courlag. Many people were trying to sign up for it: loyal Imperial citizens, misfits, opportunists, children of the powerful, and quite likely a few rebels trying to infiltrate the Empire... if they are detected, of course. This larp was about the sign up process for the academy. Schedule posted on the door All of this was actually scheduled. After candidates were signed up, we had a headmaster of the Academy holding an entry speech. Then we had our first exam - coordination was measured by doing the hand tap te