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My larps

I figure this would be a good place to showcase the larps I created, worked on or helped with the most (and some related stuff). This list is incomplete (I was also a full-time NPC or wrote small parts of the plot on a lot of larps, from 2002. onwards) as it doesn't show everything I did - only what I consider to be most significant.

Larps which I created and ran (and/or am still running):

Larps which I coorganized:

  • Noćne Kronike - an ongoing Vampire: the Masquerade Sabbat chronicle.
  • Camarilla Agram - a former Vampire: the Masquerade Camarilla chronicle ran by a rotating group of organizers.
  • (Re)union - organized a team (Ivana Delač, Vesna Kurilić, Marko Zadro, Brittany Rastsmith) who designed, wrote and ran this modern one-shot larp about a certain rich family for 10 people... It was a "mystery larp" created on PoRtaL convention in under 48 hours by the team as a part of the Create a larp workshop. It was run on March 3rd, 2013.
  • Krvomeđe - Amtgard larps (Rajski Vrhovi 16 and 17 in 2012, 18 in 2013, and Dec. 2011 event) and several battlegames on Krvomeđe
  • Ognjeni mač - Jaska 4 larp (July 2009)

Larps which I wrote, but never ran:

Larp rulesets I worked on:

  • ConQuest of Mythodea - translated from English and German into Croatian
  • Amtgard 8.0 - translating from English into Croatian (work in progress)
  • Ognjeni Mač 2.0 - some suggestions I made (like the multiclass system) got incorporated in rules
  • Simple Larp System - a set of simple 1 page fantasy rules (in English and Croatian)


  • PoRtaL (March 1st - 3rd, 2013.) - coorganized. It was the first larp convention in Croatia and region. Also did several presentations, workshops and larps on it.


  • Promotion of Larp in Croatia (Truhlář, Michal. "Odraž se dokud můžeš: sborník larpové konference Odraz 2012", powerprint s.r.o., Praha 2012)
  • Citations in:

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