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Steampunk: World War climax review

In the Steampunk larp series Para pokreće svijet by Sven Nemet, World War 1 started over a decade too early, mostly due to the act of several random assholes *whistles innocently*. So, considering there were several "spin off" events for Para pokreće svijet - one of them which involved us actually climbing in the indoor rock climbing gym, and another which involved a chase in the snow-covered mountains - this was another such spin-off event, meant to add depth to the larp world while being different to the usual social larping style. It would involve a few people trying to move the plotline of the larp in new directions by controlling the armies in the world which already went far away from its' historical inspirations. Our larp location was an apartment of one of our players. In total there were 9 of us: 4 per side, plus one of the GMs. As my usual character on the Steampunk larp was a French ambassador who turned out to become a minister of war, I played that