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The Wedding of Sowa and Matilda

This Wednesday there was an event - wedding of Sowa and Matilda - at Ognjeni Mač. I played my (nowadays) regular character of Kain - a ragged, mysterious, unnerving character with shifting purple regions on his skin. Apart from the grey robe I wore, I was barefoot (with parts of the skin painted purple), giving others weird looks and trying to freak them out (just a little bit). Fun stuff.

Flashes from the event in a collage by Andrea Hrovatić

The event itself was easygoing, it started with the wedding itself - which was comic, as Matilda was played by one of our male organizers wearing drag. Another organizer who played her father was having an all-too-serious face during the whole ordeal. The marriage ritual was nicely done, though also featuring some comic relief - it involved simulating cutting of palm by the groom, bride, best man, maid of honor and bride's father who was performing the marriage, having a few drops of blood fall into a bowl of water - too bad there was no fake blood involved - and then having them all sprayed with water from the bowl. I consider this the highlight of the evening.

The groom and the bride then received gifts (by some characters) and then larp turned to roleplaying. Some players caused trouble at the later time, the rest of the event was basically an in-character excuse for a party (with characters mingling around etc).

The Ognjeni Mač season - and the current mandate of its plot team, OzOI - is over now. There's still Krvomeđe on December 30th - and perhaps if you run Death of the Japanese Emperor yourself privately - and this year's season of larp is over...


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