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Smoking on larps

Exactly 1 year ago I stopped smoking. I used to smoke quite a lot - one pack a day for 12 years. When I finally quit it went easier than I expected, and I'm happy now for the decision I made because I feel way healthier than I used to - no more nasty cough, and I rediscovered what things actually taste like.

Anyways, I thought this would be a good day to talk about the subject - smoking on larps. Well, obviously the best advice I could give is: quit smoking and become a nonsmoker. If that's not the road you wish to take, then bear in mind the following six rules:

1. Know where you can smoke

Larp venues may have certain restrictions (e.g. no smoking inside) or outright ban smoking. Make sure you know what is expected of you.

2. Smoke in a historically accurate manner

Cigarettes were not massively available before 20th century. If you're doing medieval larp, please be advised tobacco was not seen in Europe before 1560. Smoking in fantasy settings is usually more relaxed, mostly due to Tolkien and his pipe-weed. Don't smoke cigarettes before 20th century, use pipe if you can - if you can't afford one, use cigars or at least hand rolled cigarettes. Electrical cigarettes should be fine for modern or futuristic settings.

2a - you might actually want to smoke if you're playing a larp set in pre-90s 20th century when smoking was seen as cool, rebellious, desirable or independent thing to do. If you're a smoker, go for it! These are your decades. If you're not a smoker... Well, herbal cigarettes are not healthy either, and they smell distinctively different. They don't work as well in larp as on TV, as the scent is also a part of the immersion.

3. Don't smoke anything illegal, even if it's historically accurate

The title says it all. There's other, legal, historically accurate stuff to smoke, including ghee, fish offal and nail clippings. Try it if you feel adventurous, but it's likely neither good nor healthy.

4. Don't blow smoke in people's faces

Unless invited to. And you probably never will be. The wind, however, will typically blow smoke in a nearest nonsmoker's direction on its own. This is hardly avoidable if they're nearby. In that case, please be considerate and move away.

5. Be sure you're bringing enough for you

The title says it all. On a weekend larp, you'll probably smoke more than usual. Also, you'll probably encounter a person who never seems to have any on him and always smokes your stuff. Don't be that person.

6. Clean up

Cigarette butts are litter. Dispose of them (once they cool down) in trash. Or if you have a campfire or a wood-burning stove purge them in fire (but don't stand in the smoke while they're burning). If you have nothing available, put them away and throw them somewhere safe. You're helping your game organizers to keep the venue that way.

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