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Sunčev Potočić introduction

The Year of Suffering is over...

Rulers and states were toppled, and new ones grew overnight just to disappear equally fast into the dust of the past... Night has swallowed famous heroes from which a lot was once expected, and their places have been taken by new faces who forged their destinies amidst chaos and insecurity, as heroes of today... But how long will it last?

Insecurity in Eastern Anarchy, a danger lurking even when they thought themselves the safest... Bergamot and Erlindol gone into flames, their lands added to the Dragon Court, only for its Count to later denounce them and curse them... Paradise Peaks were shaken by the theft of the Crystal, and rage of nature found them in the form of a great draught. The Shield having a greater role in everyone's life each day, and since not that long ago they're Dragon's tax collectors... And from the east, Knights of Green Banner are coming and forming a stronghold in Sun's Glen, which then comes under the direct protectorate of Vanor...

General Igor arrives at Sun Stream to receive diplomats from the surrounding lands and beyond, as well as any individuals who'd like to meet him. Almost everyone is a welcome guest, and serious discussions and negotiations cannot end in any other way than in a true spirit of Sun's Glen and Vanor - music, food, drink and joy.

However, in this age of great mistrust, as one hand is open in greeting, the other is pulling out the knife behind the back, we're all asking who our friend is, and who is a snake just waiting for the right moment... Do the chains of fear and paranoia have a hold on you, or are you looking ahead bravely, seeing bright future almost in reach?

This epic introduction (which I translated in full this time, including the names of places) is the introduction for the Sunčev Potočić (Sun Stream) feast which I announced some time earlier. However, this is its official announcement in Croatian, available here.

The game will start at 5 PM, and meals should be paid in advance (last day will be Feb 24th). And there's not much else to say since it was already mentioned in a previous Sunčev Potočić article... But this epic introduction was certainly worthwhile an additional article. All Croatian LARPs should have a decently written introduction like this one. It really helps set the mood.

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