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Start a LARP

This is a call to everyone who's reading this, Croatian or otherwise, who's not LARPing. It's a call to you personally, to your friends, family and acquaintances.

Start LARPing.

If you can get to one of the big, estabilished events, go there. Single or as a group. Contact the organizers if you have any questions. Start LARPing.

If we're talking about fantasy LARP (which is certainly the most popular), you can have basic clothing and a boffer weapon ready for the cost of around €10, or 75 kn. For the cheapest and most basic clothing available, you can buy cheap, white fleece blankets at Jysk, they're around 17 kn and 130x160 size. Fleece is not historically accurate, but can pass for a wool from afar, and you can make two tabards from that piece without any sewing skills (fleece does not fray, so you don't need to hem it). You can make basic boffer weapons from fiberglass/bamboo/pvc core and some foam and cover (and/or tape). That's all very basic, but it works and it's fun. Start LARPing.

Of course, you can also spend tens of thousands of kn on historically accurate armor, clothing, camping gear etc. And you can do pretty much everything in between. Start LARPing.

However, maybe you're from a small town or the area where there are no LARPs and can't get to the big, estabilished LARPs due to price. Or maybe you have no desire to do so for other reasons. Either way, you can start a LARP. It's easier than you think. Just do it. Start a LARP.

There are several LARP rulesets around, and plenty of them are free to use (though dropping a note is nice), or you can do it the nordic way and simply roleplay everything. You don't need prior experience - it can inspire you and give you knowledge and ideas, but it can also set you in your ways and give you an expectations of how LARP should look like, even though it's not the only possible way. Avoid being a bad copy, be original. Spread the hobby. Start a LARP.

You only need a couple of friends, no matter where you live. And a minimum of props. A forest, a park, a backyard or a basement - you can larp in any of those, and more. Your way will probably be the right way. If there are other LARPers nearby, they will most likely be interested in visiting you. There's a lot to learn, but remember - be original. Spread and expand the hobby and the community, don't cannibalize or divide it. Be nice to your fellow LARPers. Start a LARP.

If you're inspired by photos and videos of other, bigger events, don't worry. Good looks and high number of attendants are usually a goal, not a requirement. You can do it with what you have now, just prepare an event. Start a LARP.

There's no real reason not to. And if you contact me, I'll be happy to help you with any advice I can give. Expand, be creative and imaginative, and let your voice be heard.

Start a LARP.

And if you're already LARPing, spread the word. Spread the LARP revolution. Help other local groups or LARPs get started. Make it happen.

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