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It's your game

Larp. It's your game, not the organizer's. It's about you. And others, but from your perspective it's about you. So make it yours.

What I'm talking about here is - you're responsible for your own fun. Bring your roleplay, involve others in it. Make your character in a way that it involves others. Then make it happen.

In that way, you're also making the event more fun for others. And they make it more fun for you. Step up to the challenge, and don't just sit around the campfire waiting for one of the organizers to arrive and entertain you. Just don't. Organizers are not clowns, and while on most larps they will have some plot going on, it's your responsibility to make larp alive. Because it's also your game.

Larp is about participation. If you're sitting there waiting to be entertained, you're just a little bit more interactive than someone watching a show. Have your own game. Roleplay everything, roleplay daily life, roleplay what your character should be, bring a company of friends and do stuff with them. Participate.

If you're not a part of the living larp world, if you're barely a passive onlooker who's there waiting to be entertained, well then I got some bad news for you. More often than not, you're gonna have a miserable time. Or your organizers. Or both.

Imagine a completely sandbox larp, with no monsters to kill nor puzzles to solve, and everything happening like players are key, like everything happens for players and because of players.

Then play like that on your regular larp.

Be the change you want to see. Organize, or go alone. Have your opinions in-character, and make them count for something. View the game from the reality of your character. And make it your own.

See. Feel. Think. Do. Live your character to his fullest extent.

It's your game and it's about you.


  1. i approve of your message, and agree with everything you've said!
    every larper has to be involved in the story, and interract with other players to have fun.
    its not only about having fun by yourself.
    try and annimate others around you, and see how rewardint THAT is


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