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Maksimir 61, Vrste and the autumn season in general

Maksimir 61 is tomorrow, and people are quite excited about it. I already got several people messaging me if I'm going to attend (to answer it publicly, yes, I intend to). Like some sort of excitment is in the air.

Which is not unusual. Maksimir larp has commonly been organized once-twice a month. People got accustomed to it, and really few people got excited about one more Maksimir. This time, however, it's been three months since last Maksimir, and that one was battlegame-based, not storyline based. Anticipation got built up.

And that is good. Ognjeni Mač forums have been unusually silent lately. Maybe Maksimir 61 and the upcoming Jaska 11 will give them a boost once again. Autumn has always been the time for most lively online discussions.

It also shows that perhaps lower quantity can generate more interest.

Speaking about interest, it's unusually high for the upcoming Para pokreće svijet: Vrste steampunk larp. April 6 is over half a year away, however player quota for the event (30 people) is nearly full. Of course, anything can happen in 6 months but still, it's a lot of players.

The autumn larp season got opened last weekend. It's an awesome time to play. Take precautions not to get cold and wet, and go out for some quality larp time.