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Larp Analysis, Classification and Review Tool, books and cloaks!

One online discussion about larp got me thinking - can we truly review and meter our larps to one universal and objective standard?

The answer is: hardly. Larp can be so many different things, and the experience will always be subjective. However, we can come close if we manage to describe context clearly enough.

For that purpose, I built a comprehensive survey called Larp Analysis, Classification and Review Tool. It has public analytics and raw data which enables you to build your own analytics, so it makes it useful for several purposes. It's gone viral before I managed to write this post, so it's possible you've already seen it :) I plan to keep it open forever, so feel free to use it.

In another news, my copy of the Nordic Larp book finally arrived - yay! Despite the fact I'm a fast reader, it might be a while for me to review it (my previous and so far only larp book review had been Leaving Mundania) as next week I'll be preparing for my two-week trip to Germany for Drachenfest and ConQuest. Apparently, my Nordic Larp book was the last one in stock in the last store that still held them. Whew! (Though a reprint or a new edition have been mentioned on their website).

Oh and by the way - do you want to make an awesome cloak like in Game of Thrones? has an awesome tutorial. It may be summer, but the winter is coming! (By the way, if you're in or near Croatia, next Tuesday there will be casting for Game of Thrones season 4 extras in Split, Best Western Art Hotel. Just saying...)