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Final preparations for The Elder Scrolls Chronicles playtest tomorrow

Preparing for the TESC playtest tomorrow has been different. Despite being called "playtest" it evolved into a full featured one-day event. In a two-month period the rules were written (a process that I helped with), using several sources (Chronicles of Demgard rules, ConQuest rules and game mechanics of the various Elder Scrolls PC games), slightly playtested and gone through several revisions. The "playtest" event had been announced a month ago, but I'd say "playtest" is more or less in name only. While Marko - who's GM-ing it - expects a detailed feedback regarding the larp and the mechanical rules, it will be a regular larp in its form and the way it works.

Its' chosen form - which is the same as in the Hungarian Chronicles of Demgard larp - is a highly unusual one otherwhise. It's neither a one-shot larp nor a campaign, and yet it's both. Larps are connected one with another in some way, yet every one of them features its' own story, locale and player characters. The larp is also in some ways reminiscent of Terra Nova, and of the last year's Tragači zore larp - especially in its structure. All characters got their own specific goals, and individual attention on a level that's rarely seen in Croatian larps where the usual design process is to design for the player collective.

In the meantime, I got some clothing and items prepared. Yes, for a one-shot larp which will last only a day. Yes, some will call me nuts for that. But I expect a very interesting play. I've only got a few more items to prepare, and my camping gear is still in my car from Rajski Vrhovi last weekend. Hyped up and ready to travel to the terrain tomorrow, close to the city of Bjelovar and see how it plays out.

Those not attending and remaining in Zagreb might be interested in the fact that Ognjeni Mač decided yesterday to schedule a Maksimir 70 battlegame in the same time slot.

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