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New fantasy larps in Croatia and local larp news

Fresh announcements, fresh announcements everywhere. New fantasy larps have been announced - quite a lot of them, in fact.

There's already a large number of fantasy larp series in Zagreb area, especially considering the limited number of larpers here (maybe 150-ish nowadays). Krvomeđe and Rajski Vrhovi started back in 2004. Ognjeni Mač events started back in 2006, and had a reboot this year. Terra Nova (started in 2012) and Elder Scrolls Chronicles (started this year, though there was a playtest last year) add to the ruleset/setting/structure variety of Croatian fantasy larp series. And there have been some influential larps (typically one-shots) outside of the above mentioned series. Now that number is set to grow.

A couple of days ago, Sven Nemet and Ksenija Premuš announced a new project - Beyond Gods and Empires larp. Its' setting is going to be set in classical antiquity (year 359BC) which we are all more or less familiar about (due to the emphasis on the classical period that our education had, and Latin which a large number of us learned in school), spiced up with a little bit of magic. There will be 10 mediterranean cultures from that era available to play. The first game so far hasn't been scheduled for a certain date (though late summer was loosely mentioned), but plenty of players are interested in that larp that would include sandals, philosophers, ancient diplomacy and intrigue.

No rules have been published so far, but I wonder what they're gonna look like? Sven recently released the rules for his upcoming small Bizzaro larp - read them here, they're just over a page long and a very fun read if you can understand Croatian. I wonder if those are gonna be similar.

The other one is... after about a month of planning we opened a chapter of LarpCraft in Croatia. Goran Bjelić (who's gonna be the chief) and myself, with support from half a dozen other larpers who also said they are available to help. Our first event will be the demo in exactly one month, but we're gonna have a presentation a week before on SFeraKon. Also, you may recall the interview with Ryan from LarpCraft that I did a year and a half ago. There are no other larps quite like it around, so it's gonna offer something new to everyone. Also, LarpCraft comes with a nice and detailed tracking system, saving time for GMs running such a system.

Also, larping rekindles in the city of Rijeka - started by Ivan Margitić. They plan to start workshops and larps soon. While they're working on the details about a fantasy larp they're starting, you can read the basic info about the setting here (in Croatian). If you want to keep up with the development and get the freshest news, check out their Facebook group.

That's quite a lot of news :)

My own activity will be lower in the next couple of weeks though. My wife's been in hospital for a while - she's OK, but we're waiting for our second child to be born. So I canceled several larping activities in the next couple of weeks, including U raljama zvijeri planned for this Sunday (it's postponed till September). That doesn't mean I'll stop writing (though the frequency might be somewhat lower in the next few weeks).

So - let's cover what is happening this weekend. Tomorrow there's gonna be a Vampire larp - Elysium 12. And it will be the first Elysium event played on a Friday.

This Saturday there's gonna be a prison larp Ćuza (by Sven Nemet, Ivana Delač and Vesna Kurilić). Since I'm not gonna be there due to reasons mentioned above (I was supposed to play a prison guard), I'd value any feedback (or perhaps even a guest article? Wink wink) that those who go can provide. BTW, you can check its' rules here - they're in Croatian, but they have some quite interesting mechanics - e.g. what's in your rear left trouser pocket is in-game considered to be hidden in your anus. There have already been discussions on what it means to have deep rear pockets. I wonder if that mechanic spreads to some other larps. That would be interesting to see.

So. What are you looking forward to?


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