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Elysium 8, Istrakon, and many more larp news and videos

If you noticed this blog got a bit more active lately, it's because... well, everything's got a bit more active lately. Last evening was Elysium 8 - last Vampire larp for the month. 17 players took part in it - despite the fact most have already reached the XP cap for the month, and only 2 players got any XP from it. It was a nice social event which I forgot to take a photo of - but imagine a lot of people sitting in a bar as in other Elysium larps and that would be it :)

The Elysium schedule for April has been published. Elysium 9 is on Tuesday, April 1st. Then it will be every 8 days, to fulfill the April schedule - so Elysium 10 will be on Wednesday, April 9th, Elysium 11 will be on Thursday, April 17th, and Elysium 12 will be on Friday, April 25th. Yeah, that will be the first Friday Elysium. So that would bring April to four Elysium events... plus a major Camarilla Agram event on April 12th. Five Vampire larps, just as it was this month :)

But this month is not finished. The sci-fi convention Istrakon - second major sci-fi convention in Croatia - starts today. Tomorrow at 16:00, one of Camarilla Agram GMs - Goran Bjelić - will do a presentation about Camarilla Agram in the Dungeon room of the convention, and if you're gonna be there feel free to ask him any questions.

However, that's not gonna be the only larp content on Istrakon. Saturday at 11 AM will feature Magic: the Gathering larp - apparently, there's gonna be six groups (one for every MtG color + artifacts) of four players - one will represent the summoner, while others will represent MtG cards. Summoners will play 15-card decks one against each other, while other players will play the summoned creatures.

Sunday at noon will feature larp arena, which I presume will be fighting like it used to be. Besides that, there will be some stuff that sounds somewhat ARG-ish/larpish, such as treasure hunting and multi-part Hunger Games... I have no idea what will be included in these, but they sound like fun.

Does this mean there's a revival of the larp scene in Istria? It certainly seems so. It brings back memories from 7-8 years ago when I was with Zagreb's Ognjeni Mač group and we did the larp arena, tournaments and boffer demos... while the locals played Vampire larp. It's a fascinating twist of fate. And this makes me a bit sad I won't be visiting Istrakon - not only to see all those games, but to talk to their creators :) (if you're gonna be there, let me know how it was!)

And while we're at the subject of Ognjeni Mač, next Saturday (April 5th) they're having an overnight event Maska sumraka (Twilight Mask) at Eko selo Žumberak. If you're interested, they're collecting money until Sunday. At their Sunday meeting they're having a workshop, which will be about mask decoration.

The day after Maska sumraka, I'm organizing U raljama zvijeri (In jaws of the beast), the larp about cults I already wrote about. Sign ups are open right now and they will remain open for the next 24 hours. Even if you're not participating, you can still have a creative influence - the prayer request page is opened, and you can submit your request there and the fictitious cult that we're gonna play will pray for it - where else would you get that opportunity? ;)

And - this just came in - if you're about fantasy battlegames, the day after the big April's Vampire larp (that means on April 13th), there will be a battle day for our Amtgard chapter, Krvomedje. So if you're up for some battle practice... Go get there :)

Larp videos time! Here's the tenth episode of LARPs: The Series, "Broken". It's the last episode of the first season (watch the entire season here). After that you'll find two videos by Kristin Brumley: Stay in Character part 3: Costuming, and - on a more serious note - a much longer hangout and a discussion, larping as a form of therapy. Enjoy!


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