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Missed Krvomeđe - Izgon preparations and upcoming larps

Just a quick update for today. Yesterday was Krvomeđe. With the weather being somewhat wet, a total of five players showed up. Unfortunately, I was not there either as other things came up. But I heard they had some fun. Apparently there was an archery contest, and some battles.

Next event will be not Krvomeđe, but Sunčev Kotar in two weeks. It's a third event in the series - first Sunčev Potočić was a small feast in late autumn of 2010., second one was in March last year by Green Banner Croatia, and the third one will be on March 23rd, in shared organization of Green Banner Croatia, Krvomeđe and Ognjeni Mač - a similar model to the one used on Crolarp last year. It will once again be organized in Eko Selo Žumberak. More info here (in Croatian).

On the same date there will be Istrakon, one of the largest sci-fi conventions in Croatia in the town of Pazin. It should also have some larp content on it, such as another run of Koliba (The Cabin).

Istrakon logo

I probably won't be on either. My son and I will be celebrating our birthdays that weekend. That means some family time. And of course Izgon larp (The Exile) will begin on that Sunday. Yes, you can participate in it even if you're on another larp or on Istrakon.

Yesterday evening I managed to finish writing loads of stuff for Izgon. I finished writing all the descriptions, the playing world and its fluff, and the mechanics that will be used. I still have to translate all that in English, but it's about time to start writing characters. Enough players signed up already so that it's definitely happening, but there are still available spots - sign-ups are open until Sunday.

We're also preparing for next steampunk larp (which is on April 6th, in Eko Selo Žumberak as well). Dirigible racing, a between-game betting event is currently underway...